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These editorial guidelines delineate the core principles that govern our operations. Should you find that our work does not align with these standards, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@triptha.net or contact us here.

Our Reporting

We present stories as we perceive them, aiming for accuracy without reliance on AI. Further details and our stance on this technology can be found in our Anti-AI Policy.

When sharing potentially sensitive information or portraying individuals or organizations in a negative light, we always seek their input.

Following publication, any new information received prompts us to update the existing article or publish a new one promptly. Articles are regularly reviewed every three months for timeliness, relevance, and accuracy, and undergo independent expert review to ensure the highest quality content.

Upon notification of potential factual inaccuracies, we verify and correct errors promptly.

We extend a right to reply to anyone mentioned in a story, welcoming input to address any perceived unfairness or provide additional context.

Information from sources, whether named or anonymous, is corroborated with additional sources whenever possible. We prioritize protecting the identities of anonymous sources and do not offer monetary compensation for information.

When reporting on information from another publication, proper attribution and links to the original work are provided prominently.

Our Professional Engagements

We maintain professional conduct when interacting with individuals and organizations within the realm of Thai culture, travel, and related fields. We adhere to embargoes and nondisclosure agreements only if they do not compromise our editorial integrity.

Advertising & Commercial Activities

At Triptha.net, we maintain a clear distinction between our editorial and advertising departments. Content on the Tripta website and our social channels, including Pinterest, is determined solely by our editorial team and is never influenced by commercial interests.

Our advertising team operates with principles of fairness, honesty, and transparency when working with advertisers.

We do not accept advertisements with automatic audio playback or offensive content. Any inappropriate advertising is promptly removed from the website upon detection. If you believe an advertisement does not meet our standards, please reach out to us.

Periodically, we may include links to retailers like Amazon, and we may earn a commission from purchases made through these links. However, our editorial decisions are independent of any affiliate partnerships. These links are only included in relevant articles and are presented in neutral language, such as: “Check the current price of [this product] on Amazon.”


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Any coverage of activities by this website’s parent company, NicheLink, is subject to the editors’ discretion and remains free from commercial influence.

This editorial policy is followed by all NicheLink staff and collaborators.