10 #Important People of Thailand: (You should Know!)

Explore the fascinating lives and contributions of Important People of Thailand. From political leaders to cultural icons, discover the individuals who have shaped the course of Thailand’s history and society.

Join me on a journey through the stories and legacies of these remarkable figures, offering insights into the dynamic landscape of Important People of Thailand.

King Naresuan the Great

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As I delve into the lives of the important people of Thailand, King Naresuan the Great stands out as a monumental figure. Born in 1555, his story captures the essence of a nation’s spirit and determination. Rising to the throne in 1590, he was a ruler whose military prowess and strategic wisdom freed Siam, now known as Thailand, from Burmese rule.

Naresuan’s early life was marked by resilience. As a young prince, he was taken hostage by the Burmese, an experience that would shape his resolve to resist foreign dominance. His leadership qualities became apparent as he engineered a successful campaign against the Burmese forces, achieving significant victories and expanding Siam’s territory.

By reasserting Siamese independence, Naresuan’s impact was profound, marking him as one of the most iconic and revered leaders in Thai history. His celebrated victory at the battle of Nong Sarai is a tale of valor and strategy, where he turned the tide against the Burmese atop war elephants in a dramatic clash.

Significant Achievements
Liberated Siam from Burmese rule
Expanded and secured Siamese territory

King Naresuan’s reign until his death in 1605, displayed unwavering dedication to his people, laying foundations for the nation’s sovereignty and cultural identity.

His legacy is immortalized not just in the annals of history but in the everyday lives of the Thai people. Temples, monuments, and even films pay homage to his life, ensuring that the story of this great warrior king continues to inspire.

Queen Suriyothai of Ayutthaya

important people of thailand Queen Suriyothai of Siam, Ayutthaya period
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Her tale is not just one of royalty; it’s a story of bravery that continues to resonate throughout Thailand’s history.

Early Life and Ascension to the Throne
Queen Suriyothai was the royal consort to King Maha Chakkraphat in the mid-16th century, a period marked by military challenges and political transformations.

Heroism in Battle
Her most celebrated act surfaced during a pivotal battle with Burma, where she surreptitiously took to the battlefield, clad in full warrior armor. Defying the traditional expectations of women at the time, she bravely interjected herself between her husband and an enemy elephant.

Legacy and Memorial
Though it led to her untimely demise, Suriyothai’s sacrifice became a symbol of selflessness and patriotism. Ayutthaya commemorates her with the Chedi Si Suriyothai, a beautiful memorial that stands as a testament to her legacy.

Children with King Maha Chakkraphat
– Phra Ramesuan
– Phra Mahin (later King Mahinthrathirat)
– Phra Sawatdirat
– Phra Boromdilok
– Phra Thepkassatri

I find her story not only profoundly inspirational but a cornerstone in the narrative of Siam. Suriyothai remains one of the most illustrious figures in Thai history, her name synonymous with courage and devotion to her nation.

Khun Ying Mo of Thao Suranari

Another important people of Thailand, my admiration often leads me straight to Khun Ying Mo. Often referred to as Thao Suranari, her tale as the wife of the deputy governor of Nakhon Ratchasima is the epitome of valor.

In 1826, during the reign of King Rama III, she showcased remarkable bravery. With her quick wit and profound courage, she turned the tables on the invading forces from Vientiane. She did the unthinkable when the city needed a hero most.

Her Legend:

  • Birth: 1771
  • Death: 1852
  • Title: Thao Suranari
  • Honor: Statue in the city center of Korat

Khun Ying Mo’s strategic mind led to the arming of the locals with knives, under the guise of preparing meals, enabling them to fend off the intruders. This ingenuity led to King Rama III bestowing upon her the royal title Thao Suranari, translating to the ‘Brave Lady.’

The city’s gratitude is immortalized with a monument erected in her honor right in the heart of Korat. I find that her legacy continues to inspire not just the people of her city but everyone learning about the heroics that shaped Thailand. She is a brilliant facet to the rich tapestry of Thai history, her story etched deeply in our cultural memory.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej

important people of thailand King Bhumibol Adulyadej
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His Majesty was not just a monarch but the soul and embodiment of Thai national identity. Reigning from 1946 until 2016, his tenure spanned over seven decades, making him one of the longest-serving leaders in the world.

  • Born: December 5, 1927
  • Died: October 13, 2016
  • Reign: 70 years

It’s fascinating to delve into his life; born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he was never destined for the throne from birth. Yet, fate had its plans, and following his brother’s sudden demise, he ascended as Rama IX. Bhumibol was much more than a ceremonial figure. His influence transcended politics – he was a cultural icon, a facilitator of social development, and a patron of the arts. I remember how he worked tirelessly to improve the lives of his people, launching numerous rural development projects which have had a lasting impact, earning him undying reverence.

The King’s love for music and sports was well-known; he was an accomplished jazz saxophonist and passionate about sailing. His death marked the end of a chapter in Thai history. King Bhumibol’s legacy is tangible in the countless stories of his interventions during political crises and his unrelenting effort in rural and agricultural development. His vision and projects have left deep imprints on the country that resonate to this day.

Thailand honored his memory by posthumously conferring the title of “King Bhumibol the Great” in 2019, a testament to his significant role in shaping the modern Thai nation. His long-standing service helped forge a deep national unity that’s rarely seen, making him an irreplaceable figure among the important people of Thailand.

Buakaw Banchamek

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Muay Thai champion Buakaw Banchamek instantly comes to mind for important people of Thailand. His agility and strength are nothing short of legendary in the Muay Thai world. Born as Sombat Banchamek in 1982, this striking athlete has become a symbol of Thai resilience and spirit.

Career Highlights:

  • Name: Sombat “Buakaw” Banchamek
  • Nationality: Thai
  • Date of Birth: May 8, 1982
  • Notable Awards: K-1 World MAX Champion (2006)

I’ve always admired Buakaw for his discipline and dedication. His training routines are intense and his commitment to the sport is unwavering. Buakaw is not only an athlete; he transcends the sport, bringing a global spotlight to Muay Thai. He has fought in front of audiences worldwide, including the Thai Royal Family, making his heritage proud.

With a record that includes well over 200 victories, Buakaw’s bouts are showcases of technique and power. For those who come to train at the Muay Thai gym, Buakaw is both an inspiration and a mentor. His fights extend beyond the ring—they are a dance of legacy and contemporary athleticism, making him one of the most recognizable faces in martial arts.

Buakaw’s story reminds me that discipline can lead to greatness. As an icon of perseverance, he continues to inspire not just fighters but anyone aspiring to excellence.

Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara

important people of thailand Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara
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One revered figure comes to mind for important people of Thailand: Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara, the 19th Supreme Patriarch of the Rattanakosin Era. He was born on October 3, 1913, in Kanchanaburi Province, marking his early life with a profound interest in monastic living.

Early Interest in Buddhism
As a child, the call to spirituality was clear in his actions. He would often dress up like a monk and impart ‘sermons’ to his playmates, revealing his innate gravitation toward the Buddhist path.

Lifetime Achievement
His life’s journey led him to be the Supreme Buddhist Patriarch of Thailand, a title he held from 1989 until his passing in 2013. His contributions went beyond national borders; in 2012, leaders from 32 countries honored him as the “Supreme Holiness of World Buddhism.”

Demise and Legacy
After battling health issues, he departed our world on October 24, 2013, at the venerable age of a hundred. Even posthumously, his legacy continued through a royally-sponsored cremation two years later, reflective of his significant spiritual influence in Thailand and across the globe.

In the chronicles of Thailand’s most esteemed individuals, his life’s devotion to Buddhism earns Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara a distinguished place.

Nyanasamvara’s Impact
His teachings and virtuous life have lit the path for many in their spiritual quests, making him an everlasting light in the hearts of his followers and an embodiment of the wisdom that guides Thailand’s spiritual compass.

Apichatpong Weerasethakul

important people of thailand Apichatpong Weerasethakul
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As a fan of the cinematic arts, I can’t help but shine a spotlight on Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Esteemed as one of the important people of Thailand, his films transcend traditional storytelling, captivating audiences worldwide.

Early Life

  • Born: July 16, 1970
  • Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Education: School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA)

Apichatpong, also affectionately known in the film community as “Joe,” embarked on his film-making journey with an inquisitive eye and a penchant for the unconventional. His narratives often unfold in rural Thai settings, exploring the essence of memory and personal politics, which challenge and charm viewers alike.

Career Highlights

  • Debut feature film: Mysterious Object at Noon (2000)
  • Cannes Palme d’Or: Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2010)
  • Active voice in promoting freedom of expression in cinema

Beyond his filmography, Apichatpong’s work extends to installations and visual arts, showcasing at prestigious venues like the Tate Modern. My appreciation for his craft deepens when considering his role as an educator and his commitment to nurturing future storytellers.

Influence on Cinema

  • Pioneered an indigenous Thai cinema style
  • Films often capture a dream-like quality, meshing the mundane with the mystical
  • A catalyst for discussions on Thai politics and society through an artistic lens

My admiration stems from his gentle narrative touch and the lyrical beauty he infuses into every frame. True to his roots and unafraid to push boundaries, Apichatpong Weerasethakul stands as a pillar among the important people of Thailand, illuminating the country’s rich culture and its complexities through his remarkable oeuvre.

Chalermchai Kositpipat

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Chalermchai Kositpipat springs to my mind as a vibrant embodiment of Thai creativity. Born into a Sino-Lanna family, he is a testament to the rich cultural tapestry of Thailand. His father’s Chinese roots from Guangdong, and his Thai Chinese mother, provided a multicultural backdrop for his artistic pursuits.

Chalermchai is a proud alumnus of Silpakorn University, the cradle of Thai visual arts education, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Thai art.

EducationNotable Works
Silpakorn UniversityWat Rong Khun
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Chalermchai’s dedication is evident through his signature work, Wat Rong Khun, better known as the White Temple. This shimmering structure, cloaked in white and mirrored glass, is less a nod to convention and more an exploration of his wildest imaginations. It blends traditional Buddhist themes with contemporary touches, standing out as both a sanctuary and a piece of living art.

His style consistently shatters boundaries, earning him public recognition since the late 1970s for his bold and unconventional takes on Thai art. Building such a unique temple, he’s significantly contributed to Chiang Rai’s designation as Thailand’s second UNESCO Creative City.

For me, Chalermchai’s work is an invitation to redefine the spiritual aesthetics of Thai art truly on of the important people of Thailand.

Thaksin Shinawatra

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As I explore the landscape of important people of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra’s story is compelling and complex. This formidable figure has transformed from a business tycoon to becoming the prime minister, and eventually living as a fugitive. His tale is inseparable from Thailand’s recent history.

Career & Achievements:

  • Founded Thai Rak Thai Party
  • Served as Prime Minister (2001-2006)

Controversies & Exile:

  • Ousted by a military coup
  • Convicted of corruption
  • Lives in self-imposed exile

Thaksin’s ascent to power was dramatic. In 1998, he established the Thai Rak Thai Party, leading to a landslide victory that saw him elected as prime minister in 2001. He was the first leader in Thailand to serve a full term and get re-elected. His policies, often focused on the rural poor, garnered widespread support.

But not all was smooth in Thaksin’s career. His term was mired in controversy, leading to a military coup in 2006. Following his ousting, Thaksin faced several legal challenges, including a conviction for corruption. Opting for life overseas, he chose to live in self-imposed exile rather than face imprisonment. And yet, Thaksin remains a divisive figure in Thailand, with a loyal base that lauds his focus on grassroots communities.

Despite his absence, Thaksin’s influence lingers in Thailand’s political sphere. His return to the country had been a subject of constant speculation until February 2024 when he appeared in Bangkok, making headlines once again. Thaksin Shinawatra, undeniably, is one of the most significant figures in recent Thai history.

Bongkoch “Bee” Satongun

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When I think of important people of Thailand, Bongkoch “Bee” Satongun stands out for her culinary artistry. She’s taken Thai cuisine to new heights, showcasing its elegance on an international stage.

Career and Achievements:
Chef Bee, as she’s fondly known, isn’t just a chef but a culinary historian and innovator. Her deep dive into Thailand’s gastronomic history has breathed new life into classic Thai dishes. One notable achievement is her study of the 19th-century recipe for Tom Kha soup, elevating this traditional dish to a refined level at her restaurant, Paste Bangkok.

Recognitions have followed, with Paste Bangkok receiving a Michelin star for its exceptional offerings. Bee herself has been honored with the title of Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2018. What’s impressive about her is not just the titles but also her relentless pursuit to carve a niche for Thai flavors.

Her approach to Thai cuisine has garnered international acclaim, though I’ve noticed she does so with an almost contagious passion. With restaurants in Laos and Australia, Chef Bee spreads her love for Thai food, making her a true ambassador of Thai culture on the global food scene. Her story inspires many, further establishing her as one of the important people of Thailand in the culinary world.


Discovering the important people of Thailand can offer an enriching glimpse into the nation’s vibrant culture and history. I’ll guide you through some frequently asked questions about these influential figures and aspects of Thai heritage.

What is an important figure in Thailand?

An important figure in Thailand is often someone who has significantly contributed to the country’s society, culture, or politics. One such individual is Mechai Viravaidya, known for his extensive work in public health.

What are the people of Thailand known for?

The people of Thailand are known for their rich cultural practices, including traditional arts, cuisine, and a history of resilience and independence. They are also recognized for their warm hospitality.

Who is the leader of Thai?

As of my last update, the leader of Thailand is Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. He has been in power since a military coup in 2014, reaffirmed by elections in 2019.

Who is the most famous Thai celebrity?

The entertainment industry in Thailand is booming, and one of the most renowned stars is Tony Jaa, a martial artist, actor, and stuntman known worldwide for his action films.

Who were the first people in Thailand?

The first people in Thailand are thought to date back to prehistoric times with evidence such as artifacts and paintings found in caves indicating their presence thousands of years ago.

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